Christian Ramirez

Vice Chair of Communications

Christian Ramirez is a digital marketing professional who is now serving as MCDP’s first chair of communications. For the past nineteen years, he has implemented digital marketing initiatives and overseen the creation of digital products and services for community media companies around the country. He is now utilizing his experience to help the Democratic Party with its mission to promote the election of Democrats and communicate the values of the Party.

When Christian expressed interest in the local party on Facebook, a quick scan of his credentials made him look quite appealing to the current Communications Committee who were looking for new leadership. It has been a match that has motivated and inspired the committee to work harder to spread the news about MCDP throughout Montgomery County.

“As a Democrat, I believe in standing up for human decency, social justice, and preserving our democratic way of life. It is the core of who I am and why I proudly serve the MCDP and the fantastic people who make up our communications team.”

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