Christine McKinney


From Texas to Arizona to Tennessee, Chris has a long history of service to voters. Although Chris voted in every election, she first became politically active in the 2012 Presidential race. When phone banking required paper and pen for recording voter information, Chris was “data captain” for her area, entering data collected by callers to Votebuilder. On the weekends, she registered voters.

After Charlottesville, Chris discovered Clarksville Indivisible which lead her to the Montgomery County Democratic Party. In 2018 she joined the Executive Committee, and she was elected Chair of the Voter Outreach Committee in March 2019. Chris continues to be active in both organizations.

To say that Chris has worked numerous voter registration events for Indivisible and MCDP would be an understatement. If there is an event, she is there with her table, forms, and red/white/blue decor to encourage everyone to exercise their right to vote.

Chris believes, “Your vote is your voice. Use it.”

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