Sheryl Butcher

Vice Chair of Fundraising

Prior to retired life with her husband David, Sheryl spent 20 years in banking and finance with 40 years of customer service in various capacities including management of houseboat rentals, Ft. Campbell military housing and retail. She was an adjunct teacher in the business department of Hopkinsville Community College. She has also held board positions in United Way, Job’s Daughters, and University of TN-Family and Community Education.

Like many fellow Democrats, after the 2016 election Sheryl was ready to get to work. She became seriously involved with getting Democrats elected in all levels of government. She took her turn phone banking and canvassing throughout 2018. In 2019, Sheryl was elected Chair of MCDP’s Fundraising Committee. She has worked on numerous projects including the successful Chili Cookoff. If you need a volunteer, Sheryl will be there.

Sheryl wants everyone to know that “fundraising is the lifeblood of getting our candidates elected.”

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