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Gary Gene Davis

Candidate for United States Senator for Tennessee

Gary says, “I’m encouraging voters not to give up. Education and information on issues and a conversation with the focus of providing the truth to the voters.”

Gary’s Vision

  • Revealing truth that will lead to better solutions
  • Encouraging voters to speak up
  • Listening is a wonderful tool
  • Hope that it can and will get better
  • Willing to stand up for this country and the wonderful people that built it
  • Reducing the amount of money spent on foreign embassies
  • Ridding our country of widespread poverty
  • Reducing educational deficiencies

Personal Information

  • Married to Jay, his wife, for 20 years
  • Born in Huntington, WV
  • Has lived in Nashville, TN for 31 years
  • Involved in civic and church activities

Professional Career

  • President of an economic society
  • More than 3 years of college
  • Previous public office experience
  • Part time bakery worker and private and personal investments
  • Been a candidate for the US senate seat in several primaries

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