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Kiran Sreepada

Candidate for US Representative in the 7th Congressional District

Kiran says, “Join me, rise above the noise, and let’s take our country forward, not as Republicans and Democrats, but as Americans”.

Website: kiranforcongress.com


Kiran’s Vision

  • Supporting funding for Pre-K in all communities
  • Providing free public college
  • Reforming the loan program for higher education
  • Expanding Medicare and supporting rural hospitals
  • Ensuring the health needs of seniors are covered
  • Ending tariffs
  • Reopening investment deductions for small businesses
  • Closing corporate loopholes
  • Reinstating deductions for the middle class that help with unfair tax burden
  • Increasing choice for veterans to include Medicare and providing quality medical centers
  • Revitalizing the GI bill to help veterans pursue higher education
  • Expanding universal background checks for gun owners
  • Supporting voluntary gun buyback programs
  • Reforming our immigration system
  • Investing in our military while increasing our investment in diplomacy
  • Establishing joint intelligence centers to foster cooperation and excellence in our law enforcement agencies
  • Investing in the Defense Department’s ability to keep up with emerging and next-generation technologies

Personal Information

  • Devoted husband and father
  • Lives in Williamson County
  • Former small business owner
  • Active community member
  • Indian-American immigrant
  • Inspired to run after government shutdowns

Professional Career

  • Policy expert
  • Former employee of the Government Accountability Office in the federal government
  • Evaluated programs in the federal government
  • Experienced advocate for issues important to the citizens of Montgomery County
    • Affordable healthcare
    • Funding quality education for all
    • Economic stability
    • 21st Century infrastructure
  • Expertly guided missions of these governmental agencies
    • Veterans’ Administration
    • Department of Agriculture
    • Health and Human Services
    • Department of State
    • Department of Defense
  • Kiran’s Education
    • Undergraduate degree in political science and economics
    • Masters in Global Policy Studies
    • Ph.D. candidate in Public Policy

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