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Mark Pickrell

Candidate for United States Senator for Tennessee

Mark says, “I believe it’s time for us to choose Main Street over Wall Street. The people of Tennessee-Democrats, Independents and Republicans alike-want and deserve an economy that is stable and that works for everyone. I would be honored to serve the state of Tennessee and provide the leadership not only needed today, but for a better future.”

 Website: pickrell2020.net

Mark’s Vision

    • Stabilizing the economy and protecting the American people, without bailing out Wall Street
    • Building a more stable foundation for our economy
    • Supporting Federal Reserve reform
    • Improving availability and flexibility of health Insurance, while reducing costs
    • Providing opt-in Medicare and one national market for health insurance
    • De-link health insurance from employment
    • Enhancing the individual dignity of the American worker, particularly women who work
    • Making voluntary union dues tax deductible
    • Simplifying retirement plans for Americans and make them portable for the American workers
    • Making Individual IRA contributions available for all workers, up to 10% of the worker’s compensation/profits
    • Making college affordable without excessive student debt
    • Providing direct student loans to students, with passing grades and full attendance, loans of up to $20,000 with interest rate of 0%
    • Reducing the national debt by encouraging self-restraint and reduction over time

Personal Information

  • Born and raised in Oak Ridge, TN
  • Graduated from Harvard College and the University of Tennessee College of Law
  • Married for 25 years and proud father of 3 daughters
  • Ordained Baptist deacon who loves to hunt and fish
  • Lives in Nashville, TN

Professional Career

  • Entrepreneur and attorney who has practiced law at the highest levels for nearly three decades
  • Attorney in Nashville, TN
  • Adjunct professor of Law for Vanderbilt University
  • Coaches Vanderbilt’s National Moot Court Team

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