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Marquita Bradshaw

Candidate for United States Senator for Tennessee

Marquita says, “I have been in this fight for justice for my entire life, and that is why I’m running for the US senate to represent Tennessee. It’s time for leadership for healthy and safe communities.”

Website: marquitabradshaw.com

Marquita’s Vision

  • Fighting for health care legislation to cover all Tennesseans, including mental, dental, vision, addiction, and reproductive health for women
  • Believing Medicare for All is the best way to provide coverage for TN
  • Supporting the right to a fully-funded high-quality public education
  • Dedication to the Green New Deal by being the first Democratic candidate to sign Green New Deal pledge
  • Implementing a living wage by ensuring a $15 minimum wage
  • Ensuring that a fundamental overhaul of our justice system allowing community policing and restorative justice
  • Passing legislation that gives us sensible gun laws with gun safety education required
  • Protecting democracy by overturning the Citizens United case
  • Making voting easier by enacting laws that provide voting by mail
  • Passing a law that makes election day a national holiday
  • Supporting the rights of the LGBTQ+ community
  • An ardent fighter for environmental justice and transitioning away from pollution to jobs that promote a healthy environment
  • Creating policies to make higher education debt a practice of the past
  • Working for ways to strengthen public education Pre-K through 12th grade that prepares students to be successful in all endeavors

Personal Information

  • Grew up in South Memphis
  • Graduated from University of Memphis
  • Single Mom who raised her son on a working-class salary

Professional Career

  • Project Director for the Defense Depot Memphis, TN-Concerned Citizens Committee
  • Youth Terminating Pollution (founding member)
  • Member of the Mid-south Peace and Justice Center,
  • Sierra Club Executive
  • Memphis Community Advisory Board: Southern Gateway Environmental Health Disparities Research Center of Excellence
  • Memphis Chapter Coalition, Black Trade Unionist Community Action and Response against Toxics
  • Tennesseans for Fair Taxation and the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations
  • Extensive experiences in her career and service to the community that have covered labor, education and tax reform, and trade policy issues with the Tennessee African American Environmental Justice Network
  • Championed many community causes in Memphis and throughout Tennessee
  • Worked as an active organizer at the local, state, and national levels

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