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Robin Kimbrough Hayes

Candidate for United States Senator for Tennessee

Robin says, “I grew up in a trailer park in Kentucky. The trailer park taught me how to stretch my resources, how to make a lot out of a little, and gave me the drive to become a lawyer and chaplain. Most importantly, it taught me that no matter what is going on, there is still hope.”

 Website: robinforsenate.com

Robin’s Vision

  • Prioritizing funding for the CDC to prevent future pandemics
  • Ardently believes health care is a right and providing Medicare for All
  • Reforming the Criminal Justice System
  • Fighting for equal pay for equal work
  • Supporting women’s reproductive rights and the Violence Against Women Act
  • Defending the rights of workers to organize for better wages and working conditions
  • Increasing the minimum wage to $15
  • Proactive Gun Reform with increasing background checks and bans on military style weapons
  • Building strong, powerful relationships with countries throughout the world
  • Believing in the Green New Deal to save our planet
  • Providing proper resources for our teachers
  • Renewing support for LGBTQ+ rights that have been under assault in the Trump administration

Personal Information

  • Grew up in Lexington, KY
  • Graduated from Fisk University
  • Law degree from Emory University

Professional Career

  • Served as Assistant Attorney General in Nashville, TN
  • Served as Associate General Counsel for the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services
  • Ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church
  • Member of NAACP, Delta Sigma Theta, Nashville Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and the Interdenominational Ministers Fellowship
  • Serves as a chaplain and special advisor in a higher education setting

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