2024 Candidate Endorsements

2024 Candidate Endorsements

The Montgomery County Democratic Party is proud to announce our endorsement for a distinguished slate of candidates in the upcoming elections. Each of these individuals has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the values and progress that our community needs and deserves.

Ritchie Patton

Ritchie Patton for CMCSS School Board, District 2

Ritchie Patton is committed to bringing stability to our currently divided school system. His focus on smaller classrooms, reducing burnout and turnover among teachers, and protecting our schools from losing funding due to private school vouchers makes him the perfect candidate for the CMCSS School Board in District 2.

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Bernard Carter for CMCSS School Board, District 6

Bernard Carter’s passion for education and his unwavering support for public education are exactly what District 6 needs on the CMCSS School Board. His focus on student and staff safety, as well as competitive salaries to retain educators, will ensure that all schools have the opportunity to succeed.

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Bernard Carter

Rep Ronnie Glynn

Ronnie Glynn for State Representative Re-election, District 67

Representative Ronnie Glynn has served District 67 with dedication and integrity. His re-election campaign focuses on critical issues such as defending public education, restoring a woman’s right to health care, veterans rights, affordability, healthcare, infrastructure, jobs, protecting voting rights, public safety, and gun violence. We continue to believe in his vision and leadership for a better future.

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Garfield Scott for State Representative, District 68

Garfield Scott brings a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to the table. His focus on public education, veterans and military families, infrastructure, and corporate accountability will serve District 68 well. We are excited about the positive changes he will bring to our community and believe he is the right choice to address these critical issues.

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Allie Phillips for State Representative, District 75

Allie Phillips stands out as a fierce advocate for healthcare, reproductive rights, public education, veterans and military families, gun violence prevention, and infrastructure improvement. Her passion and dedication make her the ideal representative for District 75. We are confident in her ability to drive meaningful change.

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Karen Reynolds for Tennessee State Senate, District 22 

Councilperson Reynolds has a proven track record of effective leadership and community engagement. Her campaign for State Senate prioritizes equality and equity, affordable housing, reproductive freedom, fully-funding public schools, environmental stewardship, and accessible healthcare. We wholeheartedly support her vision for District 22.

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Karen Reynolds

Megan Barry

Megan Barry for US House of Representatives, District 7

Megan Barry is a dedicated advocate for addressing the drug overdose crisis, combating gun violence, supporting veterans and military families, and preventing rural hospital closures. Additionally, she is committed to fostering a thriving economy, improving healthcare access, and advancing education. Her commitment to these critical issues will greatly benefit District 7, and we are proud to support her candidacy for the US House of Representatives.

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President Joe Biden for President of the United States of America

President Joe Biden has worked tirelessly to lead our nation through challenging times, focusing on building back better with a strong emphasis on healthcare, climate action, and economic recovery. His administration continues to embody the values of unity, progress, and democracy, ensuring that every American has a fair shot at success.

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President Joe Biden

These candidates represent the best of what the Montgomery County Democratic Party stands for: progress, inclusivity, and a commitment to improving the lives of all our citizens. We encourage you to support them with your vote and be part of the positive change they will bring to our community and beyond.

Additionally, all our candidates are actively seeking volunteers and donations to help with their campaigns. If you are unable to contribute financially, your time and effort can make a significant difference. Volunteering is a powerful way to support these candidates and ensure our shared values are represented and upheld.

Together, let’s build a blue and brighter future for Montgomery County and Tennessee.