The Montgomery County Crew

The officers of the Montgomery County Democratic Party of Tennessee are elected members of the local party and the leaders of our organization.

Leading From The Front


In charge of all internal and external communication of the party to members and the electorate. Handles social media, the email program, web and graphic design, updates basecamp, keeps track of minutes from committee meetings, tracks executive committee attendance and general membership.


Primarily responsible for raising funds for party operations. Plans and executes 4-5 fundraisers a year including a major banquet. Leads our merchandise program. Coordinates fundraising emails with the Comms committee. Runs our recurring donor program. Provides fundraising guidance to our candidates. Ensures the party is compliant with state and federal campaign finance laws and reports to respective agencies as needed.


Primarily responsible for candidate recruitment and support, general outreach to get out the vote for democrats during GOTV (Get Out The Vote), and specific outreach to engage various communities to grow the party long before election season. Regularly checks in with local elected democrats to support them. Holds interest sessions in the community to advise the public about opportunities to run for office and recruit diverse democratic candidates. Creates a coordinated field campaign to share resources, knock more doors, and reach more voters digitally. Ensures the Party is represented at every major festival with a tent staffed with volunteers. Enters the Party in all major parades and community events, and encourages Party members to participate. Works with coalition partners to host large scale community events that highlight our candidates and efforts such as the fall BBQ, Holiday party, and GOTV rallies. Coordinates the Party presence at the early voting sites.


Primarily responsible for the physical assets of the party. Maintains a clean and safe office for the Party to use, and makes recommendations to the Party for upkeep as needed. Assesses the office and Party events for safety issues; makes recommendations to ensure Party member safety and to minimize liability. Ensures the party has enough space to operate out of effectively and storage for its needed assets. Ensures the party and its assets are properly insured.

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If you want to get more involved in the Montgomery County Democratic Party but aren’t sure how, please come to one of our online meetings or contact an MCDP officer! Consider joining a subcommittee where you already have expertise, or join one where you want to grow but aren’t currently an expert.

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Leadership Team

Charles Uffelman

MCDP Chair

Christian Ramirez


Karen Sorenson

Katherine Elizabeth Lawson

Katherine Elizabeth Lawson

Political Affairs

Mary Richards

Mary Richards


Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell


Christine Mckinney

Christine Mckinney


Garfield Scott

Garfield Scott

Deputy Treasurer

Sabrena Gillespie

Sabrena Gillespie


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