Montgomery County Democratic Party 2020 Goals

The Montgomery County Democratic Party has a tradition of fighting for progress and helping to elect Democrats at all levels of Government. We believe that we are greater together than we are on our own. The country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot, does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same rules. Here are the initiatives our group is working towards:

Raise with Purpose

Fundraising is a constant task for candidates and parties in our current political system. The MCDP believes that if we are going to ask our community for money, then we owe it to them to be as transparent as possible and make sure that we keep our spending focused within Montgomery County. A majority of the funds that we raise in 2019 will be spent on local issue education and building awareness of our chapter.

Gather and Empower Advocates

An ideal network for a local party will consist of a variety of people with a variety of strengths. It is the diversity of our membership that will propel us in the community. We need to work alongside our local allied associations, tap into pro bono professionals that are able to lend their services or counsel to our cause, and rally members of our city together in the pursuit of strategic activism.

Get Democrats Out Of The Political Closet

There is a chronic disparity between democrats perception of how many “left-leaning” citizens are in Clarksville and the reality of it. Republicans have been emboldened over the last decade, and make up a majority of the power players and voices in our county. We already have the numbers to turn this county purple, now we just have to organize our collective power and voice.

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