In Touch, Engaged, and Involved

We Believe in Democracy and Freedom

The Democratic Party is the party of acceptance, accountability, and inclusion. The Constitution is a living document to be protected and improved upon to benefit ALL Americans. The voices of hate, racism, misogyny, and bigotry have no home here. Democrats will protect and promote equal rights. We commit ourselves to the vision articulated by Frederick Douglass of “a Government founded upon justice, and recognizing the equal rights of all.”

Local Elections

Local elections matter! They may not get the same attention as national ones, but they’re crucial to our daily lives. We work to ensure every voice is heard, and every vote counts in our local elections. Your participation is vital.

Local Focused

It’s important to know that decisions made at the local level have a profound impact on our daily lives. We are committed to working with local municipalities to build strong, vibrant, and inclusive communities.

Local Representation

We believe that representation matters. That’s why we are committed to electing Democratic leaders who reflect our communities diversity and understand each neighborhood’s unique challenges and opportunities.

Every Vote Matters

Every vote matters, from local school districts to mayoral campaigns. Local races are often decided by just a handful of votes. Don’t underestimate your vote – it could be the deciding factor! Make your voice count.

Make a Difference

Explore committee opportunities. Your input and ideas are valued. Our strength lies in inclusion and acceptance. Learn more about our committees and contribute to our strong and diverse community.

Get Involved

With your help, our candidates can have real conversations with voters about the issues that matter to them and build the local organizing infrastructure we need for years to come. You are the change that we need.

Dream Big and Fight Harder

We’re Here to Ensure Your Voice is Heard

We know that when our local government represents the people it serves, we can make better decisions and create policies that benefit all residents. That is why we are working hard to ensure that every voice is heard and every perspective is valued.

Our party is proud to support a diverse slate of candidates who are committed to serving their communities with integrity, compassion, and dedication. Whether it’s expanding healthcare access, protecting the environment, public education, or investing in local businesses, our candidates are committed to creating a better future for all Montgomery County residents.

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