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Help elect Democrats from the School Board to the State Senate who will work to protect our schools, improve infrastructure, and improve our quality of life.

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Help our candidates connect with voters on key issues and lay the foundation for long-term local change with your participation.

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There are many Democrats Here

Did you know Montgomery County is a purple county? Democrats have three members of the school board and eight members of the county commission, and together we can turn this county blue.

Democrats are fighting for you

We are fighting for women’s rights, reproductive rights, environmental protection, public schools, common sense gun legislation, and more.

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You can be a part of a movement by volunteering with us, attending our monthly meetings, joining a subcommittee, or following us on social media.

“When we come together as a party, our impact multiplies. Let’s continue to collaborate and work toward a more equitable society.”

– Rep Ronnie Glynn

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