Montgomery County Dems Condemn Mark Green’s Election Integrity Challenge and Alleged Loyalty to ‘Orange Jesus’ as Constitutional Breach

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Clarksville, Tennessee – As reported by CNN and other reputable media outlets (on November 30, 2023), Tennessee Congressman and Clarksville resident, Mark Green proclaimed Donald Trump as “Orange Jesus.” He termed the embattled former president “Orange Jesus” as he joined others in “another public display of fealty to Donald Trump” to sign electoral vote objection sheets, according to former Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-Wyo), in her soon to be released book, “Oath and Honor.”

Cheney, vice chair of the January 6 committee, states, “Among the group was Republican Congressman Mark Green of Tennessee. As he moved down the line, signing his name to the pieces of paper, Green said sheepishly to no one in particular, ‘Things we do for the Orange Jesus,”

Green’s representatives have denied this claim, calling Cheney’s statement false.

The Montgomery County Democratic Party vehemently condemns this statement and more importantly the related action of Green.

MCTNDP Chair Charles Uffelman says, “For Mark Green to challenge a free and fair election so he could placate, in his words, “Orange Jesus” is a violation of the oath he took to protect and defend the constitution.”

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