Coalition of Democrats and Independent County Commissioners Defeat Pro-Gun Resolution


Montgomery County, Tennessee – In a 9-9 tie vote a coalition of 9 Democratic and Independent County Commissioners voted down the controversial Resolution 23-8-14, which opposes any common sense gun legislation that will come before the state legislature, and demands that the Attorney General oppose, protest, and challenge any law passed that limits access to guns, even for violent criminals.  

County staff advised that the resolution needed 11 votes to pass and the tie could not be broken by Mayor Wes Golden who expressed his wish to vote on the matter. 

This resolution has been a contentious issue, with an overwhelming 82% of Tennesseans supporting Governor Lee’s Order of Protection proposal, which this resolution specifically opposes. The Montgomery County Democratic Party stands firmly opposed to this resolution, stating that it is outside the purview of the county government and attempts to inject partisanship into a subject that requires thoughtful discussion. 

“Our legislators, like Rep. Ronnie Glynn, were elected to have these discussions and advocate for common sense solutions. Radical partisan resolutions like this only get in the way,” said Charles Uffelman, chair of the Montgomery County Democratic Party. He continued, “I’m disappointed to see our county mayor Wes Golden and Republican county commissioners who supported this resolution stand in the way of real solutions.”

A study from 2021 showed that gunfire was listed as the leading cause of death in Tennessee. The state ranked 11th in the US for highest gun rates, and gunfire was the leading cause of death for children aged 1 to 18. The Montgomery County Democratic Party believes that access to firearms for violent criminals should be limited, and common sense legislation is necessary to ensure public safety.

The Montgomery County Democratic Party applauds the County Commission’s decision to reject Resolution 23-8-14 and looks forward to engaging in thoughtful discussions about how to promote gun safety in our communities.

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