County Commissioner Chris Rasnic Passes Resolution to Freeze Property Taxes for Seniors


Montgomery County, Tennessee  – Democratic County Commissioner Christopher Rasnic passed a freeze on Property taxes for seniors. Currently, the tax freeze only aids a mere 1,146 households, which is less than 1% of our population. This figure is simply unacceptable. The measure seeks to alleviate the pressure of rising home prices for Clarksvillians on a fixed income of up to $60,000 a year.

Rasnic, with the support of every Democratic county commissioner and support across the aisle, believes that every senior citizen in our county deserves financial relief, especially considering the success of similar initiatives in neighboring counties. For instance, Blount County, despite having a smaller population of 139,958, successfully adopted a $60,000 income property tax freeze. Remarkably, Blount County’s middle-income level is comparable to ours, standing at approximately $63,000. Furthermore, it is worth noting that Blount County’s 65 and older population is twice the size of ours, accounting for 20%.

With these facts in mind, it is evident that Montgomery County is more than capable of implementing a similar property tax freeze to support our senior citizens. By passing this resolution, we have the opportunity to extend this vital assistance to a larger percentage of our 65 and older population, potentially reaching 5%.

“The impact of this resolution cannot be understated. By keeping more money in the pockets of our seniors, we empower them to allocate funds towards essential needs such as medication, food, and other necessities that are crucial for their well-being. This legislation is a concrete step towards ensuring a better quality of life for our valued senior community” said Christopher Rasnic, County Commissioner of District 17.

“We elect good Democrats like Chris Rasnic because they care about working people. Folks that will benefit from this proposal have done their duty and deserve to retire with dignity in the homes they spent their working lives building. This resolution does that,” said Charles Uffelman, chair of the Montgomery County Democratic Party.

The Montgomery County Democratic Party is committed to advocating for policies that prioritize the needs of our residents. We are proud to support this law, acknowledging the importance of caring for our seniors and preserving their dignity. Together, we can create a brighter future for all residents of Montgomery County.

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Tanisha Taylor
Press Secretary

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