Montgomery County Democratic Party Breaks Fundraising Record


July 10, 2023

Montgomery County, Tennessee – The Montgomery County Democratic Party is proud to announce its best fundraising period since online records began in 2004, according to party officials. The MCDP raised more money in the first 6 months of 2023 than it has ever raised in a year, and nearly doubled the previous best ‘off year’ fundraising with 6 months to go in 2023.

The latest fundraising data also shows the MCDP raised more in 6 months than our Republican counterparts have ever raised in an off year. The fact that Democrats can outraise Republicans in an off-year is proof that voters understand what’s at stake if Republicans maintain control over county politics.

“The Democratic Party is fired up in Montgomery County and is investing in turning this county blue. It’s time the MCDP put its money where its mouth is to build a Clarksville where everyone can flourish,” said MCDP Chair Charles Uffelman. 

“Our Democratic donors are stepping up like never before,” said Karen Sorenson, MCDP Vice Chair for Fundraising. “Every week someone new goes to MCTNDP.ORG and donates through our ActBlue page.”

The MCDP is putting this money to work by investing in outreach at community events, digital advertising, and reaching voters from all communities with events hosted by caucuses (black, lgbt, women, latino, labor, educators, etc). “We are committed to running a grassroots movement that engages voters at all levels,” said Uffelman. 

The Montgomery County Democratic Party is building momentum and is on track to achieve its goals leading up to the next election. For more information on how you can contribute, please visit MCTNDP.ORG.

For media inquiries and further information, please contact:

Tanisha Taylor
Press Secretary

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