Montgomery County Democratic Party Condemns Supreme Court Rulings Undermining LGBT Protections, Affirmative Action, and Student Loan Forgiveness


July 6, 2023

Montgomery County, Tennessee – The Montgomery County Democratic Party rejects the Supreme Court rulings from last week. The Supreme Court’s recent decisions have strayed from decades of precedent and are based on personal political agendas rather than the law. This is unacceptable and goes against our values as Americans.

“Last week the Supreme Court undermined protections in our law for the LGBT community, eliminated affirmative action policies harming minority communities’ access to education and slammed the door on the futures of millions of students by standing in the way of student loan forgiveness. We must expand the court. Americans deserve a high court free from this overreach.” 

– Charles Uffelman, Chair of the Montgomery County Democratic Party 

As Democrats we cannot allow these extreme decisions to stand unchallenged. Our voices are too important not to be heard, now more than ever before. It is time that we demand change – real change – so that all members of society can share equally in its benefits regardless of race or gender identity. We stand behind President Joe Biden, as he appoints a historic number of fair minded and diverse jurists to the federal bench, so that we can ensure that rulings made by the Supreme Court are based on legal principles instead of ideology.

About The Montgomery County Democratic Party: The Montgomery County Democratic Party is dedicated to advocating for progressive policies, promoting inclusivity, and working towards a just and prosperous future for all residents of Montgomery County, Tennessee.

The future is ours if only we’re willing to fight for it together.

For media inquiries and further information, please contact:

Tanisha Taylor
Press Secretary

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