MCTNDP Supports Ronnie Glynn’s Fight for Public Education Funding in Tennessee

Clarksville, Tennessee – The Montgomery County Democratic Party praises and supports Clarksville State Representative Ronnie Glynn’s refusal to sign the House Republicans’ committee report in which Republicans proposed the rejection of more than $1 billion in federal education funds. If implemented, Tennessee would be the first state to refuse federal funding for schools.

MCTNDP Chair Chas Uffelman said Glynn is doing the right thing. “Democrats are standing up for public schools every day. Politicians need to keep corruption out of our education system.”

Glynn was appointed as one of the only two Democrats assigned to the Joint Working Group on Federal Education Funding. Glynn has been clear from the beginning that he believes that “rejecting federal education dollars is a bad idea and would be a grave mistake.” The Group released a preliminary report, without Glynn’s signature, is available via Tennessee Lookout. The Group declared that the Senate and House had not “agreed to mutual recommendations” among the extensive questions that arose during the two weeks of testimonies and presentations.

Rep Glynn stated that the idea of rejecting federal funds would be harmful to all Tennessee schools, it would have a direct negative impact on Montgomery County citizens. “I cannot support such a fiscally irresponsible proposal that would effectively double-bill Montgomery County families and provide no additional benefit to our students, and in several cases, even less services to those who need them most. I will not support placing more financial burden on the shoulders of local officials and my constituents who would inevitably end up paying higher property taxes.”

Glynn said the focus should be on using the surplus funds Republicans insinuate could subsidize rejected federal monies for public schools now. “If our state has the ability to spend over a billion more dollars annually on public education, then we should invest that money in our public-school students, teachers and school buildings.”

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